About this magazine

About this magazine

Magazine Name: Journey Around Lake Biwa

Magazine Description: Journey Around Lake Biwa is a new photo magazine that not only provides readers information on sightseeing spots, but also explains the Japanese culture found in those locations, thus increasing the excitement of traveling. It is said that Shiga Prefecture (The area around Lake Biwa) is the site of origin of Japanese culture. The water culture of Lake Biwa has cultivated the traditional lifestyle that coexists with nature, and the historical heritage is still present there today. Travel around Lake Biwa to learn Japanese history and culture, broaden your horizons, and acquire soft Japanese thinking. Through this journey, the mind will be healed.

Keywords: Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, Travel, Japanese Culture, Japanese History, Photo magazine

Magazine Frequency: Quarterly

Contact: Please send anything for Journey Around Lake Biwa to the address below:
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