Issue 1, October 2017

Issue 1, October 2017

Sakamoto Town: Rich Nature and Outskirt of Country
Sakamoto town is located in Shiga Prefecture. In the center of Shiga Prefecture lies the largest lake in Japan, Lake Biwa. Various fish and birds live in and around Lake
Biwa, including indigenous fish. Lake Biwa is surrounded
by mountains more than 1,000 meters high. Paddy fields have been developed around the lake, and many rivers run from it. Sakamoto in Shiga Prefecture is also located in rich natural landscape. In this country, travelers draw
energy from exploring and interacting with nature.

Ohmihachima Area: Former Merchant Town
The modern Ohmihachiman area had a history of a terminal of boats bound for various places for carrying local products such as tatami, mosquito nets, rice, and sake. The Ohmihachiman area was the base of the merchants. Along with modernization, railroads and roads have improved, and now this area is a sightseeing spot for enjoying the historical scenery and local food.


  • Sakamoto Town for Mindful Travel
  • Temples as Retirement Residences
  • Hieizan Enryakuji Temple
  • Hiyoshitaisha Shrine
  • Saikyoji Temple
  • Townscape of Ohmihachiman Area
  • The tour of the Lakeside District in Ohmihachiman
  • Chomeiji Temple
  • Mt. Hachiman Area (Buy Journey Around Lake Biwa)

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